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We are a group

of Christians who worship together.

We come from many walks of life and diverse backgrounds.

We all agree that a Mighty Creator made the Universe and revealed His plan of reconciliation in the Bible. He sent His only son Jesus the 'anointed one of God' to show us His plan, so that we can be reunited to him.

By dying on the cross, Jesus carried our sins and has put us right with God.


God's love, mercy and grace is now poured out onto all who believe.

To be part of this wonderful gift,

we need to believe in our hearts and confess with our lips that

Jesus is Lord.

We are all sinners

(fail to do what God would like us to do)

but thanks to the saving work of Jesus we have been cleansed,

set free from the law of sin and death.

In other words, thanks to Jesus,

we have been 'born again'

to serve God, Jesus and our community.


Jesus promised his followers that he will return to the earth to set up his Father's eternal kingdom. We now live new lives looking forward to his return and telling others about Jesus.

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