Help and prayers

Our Prayer for the week are for the work of 'Word for the World UK', that ever more people will be able to receive God's Word in their own language

World for the World UK (see ) provide logistical, prayer and financial support for TWFTW International's translation and literacy projects around the world.  Their goal is to be instrumental in translating the Bible into 500 languages by 2050.  

During September, our “envelope” offerings are in support of Word for the World, with the prayer that lives may be transformed by the power of God’s Word, and that his name may be glorified.


Heavenly Father


You have given your Word as a lamp to our feet and a light for our path.


Your Word is sweet to our taste, sweeter than honey to our mouths!

We gain understanding from your precepts and hate every wrong path.


Just as your Word has given us light, even so may we share that light with others.


May our small financial contribution this month help the work of Word of the World to prosper under your blessing, so your name may be magnified among mankind.


And may the one who is your Word soon appear in Glory to bring the world to righteousness.



Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we expect.

Sometimes life doesn’t give us what we want.

Sometimes we’d like a little help.

Sometimes we need a pint of milk.

Sometimes we run out of bread, or fancy an egg.  

Sometimes you’d like to talk.

Sometimes we need to listen.

Sometimes we need help to pray.

Sometimes we just would like a little extra care.

In these extraordinary times, in this crazy situation.

Circumstances beyond our wildest dreams,

beyond our darkest imaginings.

If you feel under pressure and would like a little extra help or an understanding ear. Help with talking to God.

Or a pint of milk, a loaf of bread or half a dozen eggs,

A box of matches or a few batteries.

Then push the button below to email us

and someone will be there Just for you.